Tourist Security Consultants

Tourism Security & Defence Consultancy

Mitigating risks in the complex and fluid defence environments associated with the tourism industry.

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Tourism Security

Amba Defence provide high-level security and defence consulting to mitigate risk at tourist centres.

The contribution of tourism for many areas is so great that any downturn could cause major concern for the industry or at governments level. The impact of security threats on the tourism industry can therefore be huge. This impact can be felt directly in tourism sectors such as airlines, hotels, catering and retail, however the repercussions also filter throughout the dependent economy of suppliers and allied services.

Amba's defence consultants work on an international level to provide the travel and tourism industries with integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses; as well as counter-terrorism advice.

Our Technology

Protecting access to tourist centres can be a key component of security planning. Whether this includes baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors or under vehicle scanners, Amba has the technology to implement an effective solution.

On the ground our approach focuses on both the human and technical factors to form a framework for threat intelligence and risk mitigation that can be scaled to different tourist infrastructure, attractions and organisational goals. However demanding the security environment that surrounds your location, our experience in understanding its specific risks allows us to create security solutions that will successfully meet your defence objectives.

Global Footprint

Amba have worked on tourist security projects for new and existing developments and resorts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our regional teams are always on standby to deploy technical solutions in the support of defence and security operations.

Your security teams can be trained in-county on the use of advanced security technology including all aspects of explosives management, detection and risk.