Ballistic Vests

Exceeds the Toughest Ballistic Specifications & Quality Standards

Our soft armour panels and vests conform to military specifications for material quality, manufacturing quality and longevity - including US NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and UK Home Office (CAST) specifications.

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Advanced Stopping Power

NIJ level IIIA (3a) soft armour panels are the best solution offering urivelled all round protection.

Our soft armour panels and ballistic vests are popular solution for journalists, government departments and corporate travellers heading to high threat environments.

Soft Armour Panels

Lightweight, Thin & Flexible

Reduced bulk improves ergonomics and provides discreet protection.

Weight savings ensures the user is comfortable wearing the vest for long periods.

Soft Armour Panels UK

Rigorously Tested

Fully approved with the relevant CAST UK and International Institute of Justice Ballistic Standards and STANAG Fragmentation Tests.

Ballistic Vests UK

Soft Armour Panels

Our range of Soft Armour Panels (SAPs) lies at the core of all personal ballistic protection systems. These panels are thin, lightweight and flexible, allowing the vest to mould to the shape of the user, improving comfort and mobility. We have released a completely new range of NIJ products for 2014 as well as some new CAST products.

Our soft armour panels form part of a range of high-performance personal protection equipment (PPE) and clothing also including combat helmets and hard armour plates.

All SAPs are heat-sealed to be 100% waterproof, reducing the risk of fibre degradation though environmental impact or water damage. When tested for NIJ certification, the soft armour panels are submerged into deep water for 30 minutes, after which they are put through an age simulation process to age the armour to 5 years and are then shot. This ensures the armour is able to withstand water, and is able to work to the end of the armour’s life.

All our soft armour panels are designed to work with our hard armour plate solutions , offering enhanced user customisation and providing opportunity for both weight and cost reductions.

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