Amba Defence

Our mission is to bring transparency and confidence to the defence market.

Amba, where technology becomes instinct.

Amba Defence is an interdisciplinary security and defence organisation.

We have a global client base and a commitment to fostering British innovation and know-how. We deliver a broad range of services, organised into four disciplines, together providing a seamless solution for our clients.

A focused team of international security, defence and policing experts from a wide range of sectors.

Our consultants are experienced at working alongside governments, approved partners and local suppliers. We build solutions that deliver at every stage of a project, from inception to deployment on-the-ground.

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Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Security

Amba Defence Solutions

Amba Defence Projects

A British company that understands the international market.

Designing, installing and maintaining security solutions for sovereign and commercial clients, including critical national infrastructure, luxury hotels, solar farms and government facilities.

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We trust our engineering heritage to deliver the right response to a brief.

Our product portfolio includes advanced security technologies that are developed and manufactured by our team here in the UK.

We are particularly proud of our Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System, which is currently assisting security forces around the globe to protect key facilities from the ongoing threat of concealed explosive devices.

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MANTA Under Vehicle Inspection System



Protecting assets across the world.

Our service goes beyond installing a system and walking away. At the heart of our business is our fully-accredited, independent NSI Gold Class 2 Receiving Centre.

Staffed by trained operators, we track and protect assets across the world. Whether it be a building, vehicle, or even sensitive data, we can keep an eye on what matters the most to you.

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